Santa Fe No. 5000 is a 2-10-4 Texas class locomotive built by Baldwin in 1930. No. 5000 earned itself the nickname "Madame Queen" and remained a unique member of its class.

SF 5000

History Edit

The Santa Fe needed larger engines to handle increasing amounts of traffic. Their answer to the problem was add an extra driving axle to the Berkshire type locomotive. Baldwin produced a prototype engine which was numbered 5000. This engine would be the base design for all Texas class engines made for the Santa Fe. Several additional engines were ordered as a result.

The engines proved their worth by pulling 15% more tonnage in 9% less time, burning 17% less coal then a 2-10-2 3800 series.

Unfortunately the engines were purchased during the depression and were re classed for several reasons. At the time of their retirements the 5000's were the pinnacle of steam technology on the Santa Fe.

No. 5000 was officially retied April 17, 1957 and was donated to the city of Amarillo, Texas and placed on static display.