Alaculsy Lumber Company No. 3 is a Shay - 3 Truck it was built by Lima in 1912 as standard gauge #3 for the Alaculsy Lumber Company in Conasauga, TN.

It was sold to the Atlanta, GA, dealer Southern Iron & Equipment, in 1919 and then became Smoky Mountain Railroad #3 at the W. M. Ritter Lumber Co., in Proctor, NC, where it was converted to 36" gauge.

It moved to McClure, VA, and was then sold to the Coal Processing Corporation in Dixiana, VA, in 1938.

In 1958, F. Norman Clark found the engine abandoned near a coal mine in Virginia and He bought the locomotive to the Roaring Camp & Big Trees railroad in 1962.

As of today the locomotive is restore by the Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad in Felton, CA.


This was the first steam locomotive that operates at the Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad.

The locomotive was named after the location, Dixiana, out of which its last owner, the Coal Processing Corp., operated.

In July of 1970 the locomotive operate with deer horns on the headlight.

During restoration, the locomotive was converted from a coal burner to an oil burner and renumbered #1 and it was also named "Dixiana"

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