Arrivia CrossCountry, or simply CrossCountry is a train operating company in the United Kingdom that operates the Cross Country franchise. 


Arrivia CrossCountry






Birgingham (UK)

Products / Services

Train services from Aberdeen to Penzance.


Arrivia UK Trains


V - E - T - D

CC Logo

The Logo of the company, in this case printed on the side of a train.

The service was created as it was today when the Department for Transport stated their wish to re-structure many franchises, including the one in question. The new service would consist of the then current InterCity Cross Country franchise run by Virgin Cross Country, less the Birmingham to Scotland and Manchester to Scotland services, the former going to Virgin West Coast, and the latter to First TransPennine Express. The services from Cardiff to Nottingham and Birmingham to Stansted Airport services from Central Trains where also incorporated.


The company run several routes to most main regions of Great Britain (Not London), using a hub model of Birmingham New Street. They are known for not operating any stations and having the longest direct passenger route.

Rolling StockEdit

 Class  Image  Type   Top speed   Number   Built 
 mph   km/h 
BR Class 43 CrossCountry HST Diesel locomotive 125 200 10 1976–1982
Mark 3 Carriage Crosscountry MK3 Passenger carriage 125 200 40 1975–1988
BR Class 170 Diesel Multiple Unit 100 160 29 1999–2002
800px-Class 170 Cross Country Diagram
BR Class 220 Diesel locomotive 125 200 34 2001
BR Class 221 Diesel locomotive 125 200 23 2001



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