The York used to be put on static display at the Museum of Science and Industry. Note: In the Background is Natchez & Hamburg (Mississippi) another engine that used to be on display with the York.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad "York" is an 0-4-0 steam locomotive original built in 1831 by Davis & Gartner in York, PA. and was the first locomotive to operate on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

The locomotive was hauled to Baltimore by wagon since no railroad yet existed between the two cities.

It was one of three locomotives tested by the B&O in response to a competition to produce a viable US built steam locomotive for the railroad.

The "York" was retired after one year when another Davis and Gartner engine, the "Atlantic", was acquired and it also had a short life: it was scrapped in 1835.

A replica of the locomotive was donated to Museum of Science & Industry where it used to be put on static display from 1934-2015.

The locomotive is now on static display at the B&O Railroad Museum.


The replica was built at B&O's Mt Clare shops in 1927 and steamed at the Fair of the Iron Horse that year and at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933-34.

It was Placed in service by the Baltimore & Ohio, the York weighed three and one-half tons and could haul up to fifteen tons at the then amazing speed of fifteen miles per hour.