The BR Class 43 is a type of diesel multiple unit trainset built by the Pacer Railbus company built from 1985 to 1986.

It is the most commonly used and one of the most successful types of DMU used by the Arriva Trains Wales and First Great Western.


Class 43 and class 143 main latter

A Class 142 Just Outside st Davids (In The red Box)

As with other "Pacers", these trains do not have disability accsesabilty built in, but it has instead been added. Recently, they where refurbished and had new seats fitted, to replace the bus- like ones. They are the only Pacer to have disability features added for handicapped travelers.

Built as a short term solution in the post-war era, they have exceeded their warranty, but are in the process of undergoing a life-extension and will have their lifespan extended from around 2019 to 2028.


Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most other stock on the UK network, Class 143s (in common with other Pacers) lack bogies, instead having single axles at each end of the vehicle.
  • Due to the wikipedia article, where the boxes are shown in red boxes to identify them and are presented as [...] Axle Boxes at each end of the train (Red Boxes), there was a misnomer that they were known as such.

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