The BR Class 482 is a now-retired form of EMU that was used on the Waterloo & City Line during the period when it was operated by Network SouthEast.
Class 482

A Class 482 at Waterloo

They were later refitted as LU 1992 Stock units, as their 3rd Rail pickup system was not the same as the 4 Rail pickup used by the London Underground (although it was compatible enough for the units to be tested on large portions of the Central Line, albeit at lower speeds). The refitted units are now all in the possesion of London Underground, and still operate on the Waterloo and City Line.


The units were built as direct replacements for the elderly Class 487 units, which dated from 1940. They were delivered to Ruislip depot during March 1993, and were painted in Network SouthEast livery; however, as the Waterloo & City Line was completely separate from the rest of the National Rail network, and was entirely underground, they did not receive yellow front ends.

Following commissioning (which included test runs as 8-car trains over most of the Central Line), they were delivered by road to the Waterloo & City line during May and June 1993, and following further test runs, entered service on 19 July 1993.

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