Bessemer & Lake Erie RR No. 154 is a class C3B 2-8-0 "Consolidation" type steam locomotive it was built by Baldwin in 1909 for the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad.

No. 154 spent its forty-four year operating life on the Bessemer & Lake Erie before retiring in 1953 and being held for potential donation to a museum.

It waited a long time, however, as it was not until 1984 that it was donated to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.

No. 154 is now a static display at the Henry Ford Museum.


  • In 1989, it was traded for Detroit, Toledo & Ironton #16.
  • Four Consolidation locomotives were built for the Bessemer & Lake Erie by the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works in 1900, and #154 was one of six more acquired in 1909 from Baldwin.
  • It used be a public display at the Illinois Railway Museum from 1984-1989.