A Bombardier TALENT serving as a light rail train in Ottawa

The Bombardier Talent is a DMU /EMU trainset primarily built for Regional services in Europe. They are fully customizable, with options for a diesel-mechanical setup (a set of diesel engines connected to a ZF 5HP600R "Ecomat" automatic transmission), diesel-electric setup (diesel engines connected to alternators which powers traction motors), or fully electric (pantograph), as well as the options for a high floor or a low floor configuration. Bombardier also offers their LRC tilt system for these trains.

Despite being a Multiple Unit meant for regional train services, they are also used as light rail/subway trains. The sole example of this use is the 3 three-car diesel units being used in the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission (OC Transpo) O-Train, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. O-Train will replace the Talent rolling stock with the Alstom Coradia LINT 41 in mid-2014.

These trains run primarily in Germany, Austria, and Norway. 



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