B&M 3713
Boston & Maine No. 3713, named The Constitution, is a class P-4 4-6-2 Pacific type locomotive built by Lima in 1934.


In 1934 the B&M purchased five new Pacific type engines numbers 3710-3714. These engines contained several features that earned them the title of "Super powered" locomotives. After the purchase of another batch of Pacifics the railroad held a contest to give each engine a name. 3713 was given the name of "The Constitution".

3713 worked as a mainline passenger engine all the way till her decommissioning in 1958, after helping pull trains through flooded sections of track.

In 1960 F. Nelson Blount acquired the locomotive and put it on display at numerous location in the Northeast until it reached its current residence at Steamtown.


In 1990 a partnership was made with several organizations to bring the 3713 back under steam. Progress has been slow, with funding being an issue and the museum being tied up with other restorations. As of January 2016 the engine and parts car are inside the roundhouse while the team figures out the future steps.


  • Like the Baldwin-built R-1 4-8-2 'Mountains', the 3713, along with nine other members of her class, were - in 1939 - given names as part of a contest in which schoolchildren get to pick the name of their choice. The winning name gets to be applied to the locomotive, along with the winner's name.
  • 3713's name, "The Constitution", was selected by the then 14-year-old schoolboy named J. Schumann Moore - and for a good reason!
  • As built, the 3713 was given French-style smoke deflectors like the R-1 Mountains, along with a skyline casing on the top of the boiler (which is not present on the R-1's). These modifications were removed sometime in the mid-1940's.
  • The 3713 was paired with 3714's tender sometime in 1956, which is probably the same tender it carries today.