Boxhill, is an type of LBSCR Class A1x "Terrier" 0-6-0T (briefly an 4-2-0T) steam locomotive built in 1872, and was actually the first type of Class A1x built.


It served as a shunter or switcher for yards along the LBSCR's routes as well as hauling branchline trains.

It was eventually retired during the End of the Steam Era, and was partially scrapped and left derelict at the Barry Island scrapyard where 80% of former BR steam locomotives remained (yet, some still do remain) for the rest of their lives. Happily, Boxhill was saved from scrap along with Stepney; the latter being preserved at the Bluebell Railway as their very first preserved steam locomotives. Boxhill underwent a long term of restoration at the National Railway Museum before eventually operating several steam excursions at the Bluebell Railway.

As of today, "he's" currently on static display at the National Railway Museum in York, England, UK.


The preservationists preserved Boxhill and retained his original boiler, although he received a new funnel from the Southern Railway, whom salvaged his original funnel or smokestack.

He was converted to 2-4-0T in March 1905 for auto-train trials, but was restored to an 0-6-0T in 1913.

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