ex works 187(now scrapped) in the Inchicore Works outside the paint shop. Taken 2002

CIÉ's 181 Class locomotives were were extremely similar to the CIÉ 141 Class and were ordered to fill the gap created by the withdrawal of the last steam locomotives. They were delivered in 1966 and the whole class passed into Irish Rail ownership in 1987. The first withdrawal occured in 1991 when number 191 was wrecked in clonsilla by vandals after being left unattended while running with the reverser handle in at the North Wall. All remaining class members were withdrawn in 2010. #190 has been bought by the Irish Traction Group and is stored at Moyasta Junction under a tarp.

Differences to the 141sEdit

One of the main differences to the 141s is the fact they were delivered with EMD 645s while the 141s were delivered with 567s.

One of the few external differences are the front vents and different side ladder to the 141s although these were removed later and as such they are incredibly difficult to distinguish from 141s.

Technical InformationEdit

1,100 b.h.p

Top speed of 89 mph (later limited to 75)

Capable of multiple working and push pull .

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