C226 At Carrick On Suir

Irish Rail's 201(C) class locomotives were built by Metropolitan Vicars in 1957. They were originally fitted with Crossley engines but these were later replaced with EMD units.

Technical InformationEdit

Their original crossley engines were capable of 550 b.h.p. These units proved to be hopelessly unreliable and were later replaced with EMD units of 900 b.h.p. Also during the early 1970s two of these locomotives were fitted with maybach power units of 1200 b.h.p and were fitted with AAR multiple working for use in consists with 141/181 class locomotives and later 071 class locomotives (used only in trials).

Service LifeEdit

Most C class locomotives were withdrawn in the 1980s. However some were sold to Northern Ireland Railways(NIR) in the early '90s. NIR withdrew the locomotives due to very minor failures and by 1995 all had been withdrawn.

3 locomotives have been preserved.

226 is preserved at Carrick-On-Suir.

227 has been internally gutted by scrap metal thieves and left dumped in a yard surrounded by failed preservation attempts and retired narrow gauge locomotives.

231 is preserved at the Downpatrick & County Down Heritage Railway.

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