The main reason the E class wasn't to go over 25 m.p.h

The CIÉ 401 class and it's later version the 421 class was designed as a branch line locomotive and shunter. The only differences between the 401 and the 421 is a different hood and the lack of multiple working support on the 401.

The 401 class locos were built in 1957, the 421s were built 1962.

Technical InformationEdit

The locomotives were of a C wheel arrangement with a hydraulic transmission. They were fitted with a Maybach MD220 of 420 h.p. and a Mekydro KL64 hydraulic transmission. They had a top speed of 60 m.p.h but they had a tendency to derail over 25 m.p.h because the wheels could not turn as they were fixed to the frame.

E Class TodayEdit

E421 and E432 have been preserved by the Downpatrick & Co Down Railway whe E421 has clocked the most miles of any diesel locomotive in preservation in Ireland, and possibly the world. Both are currently in storage. E428 is on static display at Dunsandle, Co Galway.

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