CC1 in trials

CIÉ's CC1 or "Turf Burner" as it was usually called was an experimental locomotive designed by Oliver Bulleid in 1957. It had a C-C wheel arrangement and was intended to burn turf as fuel. Although it looked similar to a modern diesel locomotive underneath it was just a double cabbed tank engine.

Service LifeEdit

The issues with the turf burner are too numerous to list. Operationally, it was an even bigger failure than Bullied's oh creation in Britain, the "Leader". After poor performance in trials and a multitude of other problems, the locomotive was withdrawn after just one year! after only ever having hauled one train. It was scrapped in 1965. Later former manager of CIÉ regretted the scrapping and thought it should have been preserved. However, management who were involved at the time of its inception soon realised that it had, in fact, only been a colossal waste of money.

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