CN is testing two diesel locomotives fueled by LNG. These locomotives are part of an on going CN LNG program that also intailes converting two SD70M-2's as well. CN retrofitted the prime movers in two GMD SD40-2 locomotives using conversion kits supplied by Energy Conversions Inc. of Tacoma, Wash. A  Union Pacific LNG tender was used for the program, now that 5 LNG well cars are on order the UP tender has since been returned. The UP tender was upgraded by Chart Industries, Inc, New Prague, Minn. Chart is a supplier of cryogenic distribution and storage equipment to bulk and packaged industrial gas customers. LNG fueling is being provided by Encana Corp. CN has ordered five well-car-like LNG fuel tenders. The Two units have been put into storage as of October 2013 awaiting their tender.


Go here for a picture of the LNG tender: