Canadian National 4-6-2 No. 5288 is currently on static display at the Tennessee Valley Railway Museum.

Canadian national 5288 by metalheadrailfan-d819bmy

History Edit

Built by the Montreal Locomotive Works for the Canadian National Railroad No. 5288 ran not only in Canada but frequently could be spotted on the Central of Vermont and Grand Trunk New England. When 5288 was retired she was stored serviceable in CNR's Turcot roundhouse until being purchased by Steamtown for display. During it's move to Steamtown it was attacked by brass thieves who stole much of its piping and parts. Missing several key parts 5288 was listed as an excess engine. Tennessee Valley Railway had been looking for a long time for a 4-6-2 engine and quickly sought to acquire the engine. It was chosen as a good candidate since it had been shopped shortly before retirement. In 2001 5288 was moved to TVRM were she currently resides on static display.

Locomotive Stats Edit

Canadian National Ry No. 5288
Wheels: 4-6-2
Builder: Montreal Locomotive Works
Build Date: 03/1919
Construction No.: 60483
Empty Weight: 268,000
Weight on Drivers: 174,000
Driver Diameter: 69
Tractive Effort: 39,735
Boiler Pressure: 200
Cylinders: 24x28
Fuel: Coal

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