Canadian Pacific No. 136 is a class A2m 4-4-0 steam locomotive built in 1883 by the Rogers Locomotive Works for the Canadian Pacific Railway as No. 140. This locomotive was used for both passenger and freight service.

In 1907, she was renumbered 196 and classified as A5h. Five years later, she was renumbered 115, and the following year she was given her final number and re-classified as A2m.

No. 136 was withdrawn from the Canadian Pacific's roster in 1960.

The engine now remains in operating condition at the South Simcoe Railway in Tottenham, Ontario.


In 1974, she was seen leading ex-CPR Ten-Wheeler No. 1057 on a Credit Valley Railway excursion at Cataract, Ontario.

In 1958, the locomotive was seen hauling a mixed train.

In May, 1960, it was seen triple heading a passenger train with 2 different steam locomotives from the Canadian Pacific.

In the 1990s, #136 starred in a few episodes of "Shining Time Station"

No. 136 starred in "Alias Grace".

No. 136 also starred in few episodes of Murdoch Mysteries, especially around the Season 7 episode "Night Train to Kingston"

No. 136 once helped build the Canadian Transcontinental railroad.