Central Pacific No. 173 is a 4-4-0 "American" type steam locomotive it was built in 1864 by Norris-Lancaster for the Western Pacific Railroad who had it designated "H"(the Western Pacific had its engines lettered rather than numbered), naming it the "Sonoma."

The engine became Central Pacific's #173 after railroad acquired the Western Pacific in 1869.

On November 14, 1869 A train wreck involving CP 173 and 177 occurred at Alameda Junction and both engines were brought to the railroad's extensive shops in Sacramento two years later.

The rebuilt 173, finished in November of 1872, was well received by the railroad, and soon the shops produced twelve engines based on its design.

No. 173 was retired 1909 and it was finally scrapped while #177 was sold to an unknown buyer in 1886.


This locomotive was an example of a modern steam locomotive of the time.

It was the prototype used for the Central Pacific's Sacramento Shops when the railroad began constructing locomotives.

Three of these were sold to other roads, among which was Virginia and Truckee Railroad's "Dayton," which is the only preserved example of 173's design.

This Locomotive was the Prototype for Walt Disney's 1/8th Scale Locomotive, the Lily Belle, and eventually the 5/8th Scale Disneyland Railroad #1, C.K. Holiday.

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