Jersey central 592 in 1910 by rlkitterman-d9cwh2r
Central of New Jersey No. 592 is a P-6s class 4-4-2 "Atlantic" type steam locomotive built for the Central of New Jersey by Alco in 1902.

The locomotive was designed for fast passenger service on the Central of New Jersey railroad.

The P-6s was very successful, and #592 was often used on the Philadelphia-Atlantic City express route, as well as occasionally hauling the B&O's Royal Blue Line.

The CNJ held onto the six locomotives until almost the end of steam: they were still operating in 1946.

No. 592 was retired from service in 1954 and It is now a static display at the B&O Railroad Museum.


It was then the only surviving Atlantic type camelback in the country, and CNJ donated it to the museum in 1954.

Although often referred to as a camel, #592 is actually a camelback or "Mother Hubbard". Compare #592, for example, with a true camel, B&O A #305 shown earlier on this page, with its cab perched atop the boiler.

No. 592's cab, by contrast, straddles the boiler with its firebox supported by a trailing truck.