Chicago and North Western No. 1385 is a Class R-1 4-6-0 steam locomotive It was built in 1908 by Alco for the Chicago and North Western railway.

This locomotive was design to haul passenger and freight trains for the Chicago and North Western railway.

No. 1385 was retired in 1956 and it was purchased by the Historical Society of Milwaukee in 1961 for $2600.

In 1994 the locomotive leads an easbound passenger extra from Horicon back to Granville.

The locomotive was in service for most of the 1980s and 1990s, doing excursions over large parts of the C&NW system, but was shopped for major boiler work in 1998.

Today the locomotive is being rebuilt as part of the locomotive's full restoration to operating condition.


In 1984 the locomotive was used to hauled the Golden Arrow excursion train. In 1985 the locomotive hauled the Circus World Museum train. The locomotive was scheduled to participate in the 1993 NRHS Convention in Chicago by hauling a steam trip coinciding with a Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad excursion on July 25th, the last day of the event. The Steam trip had to be cancelled when Midwest flooding marooned 1385 preventing it from reaching Chicago.

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