CRH Velaro on Train G13 to Shanghai05:26

CRH Velaro on Train G13 to Shanghai

China Railways CRH3


The CRH3 (or CRH380B(L), CRH380C(L), or simply "Velaro" or "Harmony (和谐号)") are Siemens Velaro trainsets that are operated by China Railways on their high-speed (300km/h or above) routes, such as the trains from Beijing to Shanghai.

The first one was delivered in late 2007. Trains are still being manufactured/delivered.

A CRH380BL set the Chinese speed record at 487.3km/h, and is currently the second fastest conventional-railed vehicle in the world.


The CRH3 was the second type of high-speed EMU ordered by the China Railways for their rapidly expanding high speed network, and are currently the workhorse of the CRH system.

These differ from the Velaro trains operating in Germany because of their added width, to take advantage of a wider loading gauge in China.

Top speed for the CRH3 series is 350km/h. The CRH380B and C trains are capable of travelling at 487.3km/h, but the maximum safe operational speed is 380km/h.

The name breakdown is as follows:

  • For CRH3: (China Railways High-speed, EMU series 3)
  • For CRH380B/C: (China Railways High-speed, 380km/h maximum speed, High-speed EMU series B or CLong (16 cars) (8-car sets do not carry any suffixes after the B or C.)

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