Clinchfield Railroad No. 99 is a Class G-1 4-6-0 steam locomotive built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December 1905 (serial number 27048) originally for the South & Western Railroad Company as their #1. She was later sold to the Clinchfield Railroad as #99 in 1908 and was classified as G-1. She has 19" x 26" inch cylinders, 63" inch driving wheels, a 200 psi boiler, a tractive effort of 21,400 bs. and weighed in at 69 tons without tender.

It was used by the Clinchfield to haul both passenger and freight trains until the early 1950's when she was sold to the Black Mountain Railroad Company and became their #3.

She continued service until February 1956 when she was retired and it donated to the Casey Jones Museum where she was dolled up as Illinois Central #382, where it is seen today on static display.