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D&RGW (Denver and Rio Grande Western or simply Rio Grande) Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives are narrow gauge steam locomotives manufactured by various locomotive builders such as Baldwin.
D&RGW K-36

A K-36 narrow-gauge steam locomotive.

They varied in size, with the large K-37 being a modified standard gauge steam locomotives built on a narrow gauge frame.

About 75% of the Baldwin-built locomotives are preserved.


They were built from the 1860's to the 1950's, and were discontinued due to the End of the Steam Era and the D&RGW's full transition to standard gauge in the 1960's.

List of locomotive types from year, date, build, and company:

D&RGW K-37

One of the many preserved K-37's.

Baldwin Locomotive Works:

C-16 (2-8-0) 1880's

K-27 (2-8-2) 1900's

K-28 (2-8-2) 1920's

K-36 (2-8-2) 1920's

K-37 (2-8-2) 1930's (Rebuilt from standard gauge Class C-41 locomotives)

Several small tank engines and tender engines were also built by Lima and other numerous companies, but came and went and weren't primarily used during the narrow-gauge era of the D&RGW.


The US Army purchased several D&RGW K-27's and renamed, renumbered, and repainted them into the Class 250 or '250 Class USA'. All were scrapped.

NdeM of Mexico was inspired by the D&RGW to rebuild their standard gauge steam locomotives with a narrow-gauge frames.

D&RGW K-27

A D&RGW K-27.

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