DERMS/PERMS are a Rail motor in Victoria Australia that were built in 1928 By the VR at their newport Workshops and were Finally withdrawn from Service 1991

History Edit

First Built as a Petrol electric RM these Quickly became loved By crews and were Much Reliable than the Mckeen Railmotor Originally Powered by a 220 hp Winton petrol engine they became part of the Branch line Scene even more so the PERM Units Became DERMS. They were then fitted with two General Motors series 71 twin six-cylinder diesel engines. they also had a Super DERM variant, these became the Life of many VR Branches most started to get withdrawn with the Branchlines getting "service Terminated" with Only 1 getting the Cut

Preservation Edit

9 DERM's are Surviving

  • 55RM (superDERM) - Ex SGR
  • 56RM - Pending Restoration By Steamrail VIC
  • 58RM - Operation on Mainline By DERMPAV
  • 59RM - Needing Restoration By DERMPAV
  • 60RM - Needing Restoration By DERMPAV
  • 61RM (SuperDERM) - Needing Repairs (Ex SGR)
  • 62RM - Preserved but Dead
  • 63RM - Operational at the DSCR
  • 64RM - Restoration is Underway Approx 80% complete by DERMPAV

Trivia Edit

There is a Commom Belief that they are US

58RM could Be the Only "doodlebug" (Railmotor's from the 20's) to still rum on the Mainline

References Edit

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