JR East S11

This is the pre-production set S11. (No exterior differences over production sets.)

E5 S11 Sendai Profile-shot

This is a profile view of S11.

The E5-Series Shinkansen is a 10-car high-speed EMU in Japan. It has been in production since 2009, for JR East. The E5 sets run the new Hayabusa services between Tokyo and Aomori, in the north of the island of Honshu.


The major innovations in the E5, were first used in the experimental Shinkansen trainset "Fastech 360S". The E5 is able to run services at 200 mph (320 km/h), but until 2013 will be limited to 186 mph (300 km/h). The E5 trainsets are designed to work coupled with the E3- and E6-Series sets for special duties. When coupled with another type of set, they are limited to 170 mph (275 km/h).

The production sets have a new seating class in the last car (10). Called Gran Class it is designed to be more luxurious than the Green Class (first class) carriages, hence why it was called "Super Green Car" originally. The Gran Class features 2+1 row seating arrangement, a seat pitch of 51.2 in (1,300 mm), seat width of 20.5 in (520 mm) and a maximum reclining angle of 45 degrees. As opposed to the Green Class with a 2+2 row seating arrangement, a seat pitch of 45.7 in (1,160 mm), seat width of 18.7 in (475 mm) and a maximum reclining angle of 31 degrees.


The first set (S11), a pre-production set, was delivered in May 2009 for testing. S11's first service run was on the 9th of December 2009. U2, the first production set, was delivered in December 2010. U6, the latest E5, was delivered on the 27th of September 2011.


  • Built: 2009-present
  • Builder: Hitachi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries
  • Number built: 9 sets
  • Number in service: 7 sets (Dec 2011)
  • Number under construction: 55 sets
  • Formation: 10 cars per trainset
  • Capacity (people): 731 (658 standard + 55 Green + 18 Gran Class)
  • Car body construction: Aluminium alloy
  • Car length: 82 ft (25,000 mm) (middle cars), 86 ft 11 ft (26,500 mm) (head/tail cars)
  • Width: 11 ft (3,350 mm)
  • Height: 12 ft (3,650 mm)
  • Maximum speed: 186 mph (300 km/h) (service), 200 mph (320 km/h) (designed)
  • Power: 13,360 hp (9,960 kW)
  • Electrical system: 25 kV AC, 50 Hz overhead wires
  • Collection method: Pantograph
  • Gauge: 4 ft 8½ in (1,435 mm)


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