Metrolink's first EMD F125, #903

The EMD F125, also named Spirit, is a diesel-electric passenger locomotive currently being built by Electro-Motive Diesel, a subsidary of Caterpillar Industries. The locomotive will be compliant to EPA Tier 4 regulations, have AC traction systems, advanced crash protection, and a streamlined body which meets Amtrak's loading gauge. The locomotive's maximum speed is 125mph (200km/h). Unlike other EMD products, which use EMD's own 2-stroke diesel engines, this locomotive will be powered by a 20 cylinder Caterpillar C175 high speed, four-stroke diesel engine.

Los Angeles' Metrolink is the launch customer for this locomotive. Delivery is expected in 2015.


EMD depiction of the F125


  • Designation: EMD F125 "Spirit"
  • Power: Diesel-Electric, AC Traction motors
  • Axles: B-B (4 axles)
  • Length: 69'
  • Height: 14'7", 3" taller than P42DC
  • Prime Mover: Caterpillar 20V-C175, rated at 4700hp (3200hp when supplying full HEP load to passnger cars)
  • HEP Capabilities: Static Inverters rated at 1050kW

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