An earlier ATSF F45 with the "Bluebonnet" scheme.

The EMD; Electro Motive Division; F45 is a type of six-axle, 3,600hp diesel locomotive built from 1966 to 1971.

86 F45s were built.  14 steam generator equipped FP45s were built.

Very few still remain on several US and Canadian Class 2 and 3 railroads, but most have been scrapped, preserved, or retired.


The EMD F45 was one of the very first modern cowl-bodied diesel locomotives built for the North American locomotive market. They were purchased by the Great Northern, ATSF (Santa Fe) and Burlington Northern railroads.

The F45's cowl helped provide better protection for the diesel engine and actually made it easier to service for crews. Fleets were slowly retired by the ATSF and Great Northern (even after the creation of the Burlington Northern in 1970-1971), and were eventually sold and rebuilt to the Chicago Regional Transit Authority (METRA) and various other railroads. Such as the Utah Railway, NYSW, Montana Rail Link, and the Wisconsin Central.

EMD FP45Edit

The FP45; the F45's externally-similar counter-part, yet equipped with a steam generator for heating; was one of the last passenger locomotives purchased by the ATSF (aside from the GE U28CG and U30CG) shortly before the creation of Amtrak in the 1970's, and was also one of the last locomotives to be painted in the ATSF's "Warbonnet" scheme; to whom the Warbonnet scheme wasn't applied on the ATSF's locomotives until the purchase of the EMD GP60M and GE Dash 8-40CW in the 1990's.

The F45 inspired the development of the F40PH and wide-cab (safety cab) diesel locomotives.


In an unusual move, the Santa Fe purchased 18 SDP40F units from Amtrak in exchange for 40 of their CF7 switcher units and several EMD Switchers due to Amtrak's withdrawal of their SDP40F fleet in 1985, causing interest with the ATSF in purchasing units to be compatable with their F45 and converted FP45 units (besides their SD45 counter-parts); as well as Amtrak's desire need for switching locomotives or switchers to switch out locomotives and rollingstock from their yards and stations. Thus, all 18 of the former Amtrak SDP40F units were rebuilt and designated or dubbed as the "SDF40-2" by the ATSF.

An original ATSF "Warbonnet" painted FP45.


The main way of distinguishing an FP45 from an F45 is the large steam generator compartment on the rear of the FP45.

Several reconverted FP45's were also repainted and renumbered into their original condition when they were used to assist ATSF 3751 when it was first restored and began operating steam excursions in 1993-1994.