Amtrak F69PHAC

Amtrak F69PHAC 450 in Phase III Livery


Amtrak F69PHAC 451 in ICE Paint

The F69PHAC was an experimental locomotive built by Siemens and EMD. This locomotive was designed to test AC locomotive technology. Only two examples of this locomotive were made and were operated by Amtrak. The engine used the same carbody as the EMD F40PHM-2, with just a few spotting differences.

They were built in 1989 for the United States Department of Transportation and loaned to Amtrak in 1990, sporting Phase III paint. They were returned to EMD and later used with the German ICE train demonstration that was on loan to Amtrak in 1992–1993. They were repainted in ICE paint. The two F69PHAC locomotives were again returned to EMD, where they were finally retired in 1999. Both of the locomotives still exist in a scrap yard, more specifically National Railway Equipment, in Mount Vernon, Illinois, stripped of numerous parts.