BRC 232 engineer side Chris Guss photo

BRC GP23ECO #232 at Clearing Yard. Photo by Chris Guss.

The GP23ECO is yet another EMD ECO dirivitive. The locomotive is the first EMD ECO to meet EPA Tier 3 regulations, the units use the 8-710ECO prime mover generating 2,310 bhp. Belt Railway of Chicago ordered the units back in 2012. The units will be #230-237. #232 was delivered to BRC in December 2013, the next two units arrived in Febuary and the other 5 will arrive in August. According to the BRC, at least three will be fitted with PTC equipment. BRC may order two more units for December 2014 delivery. 

How to decode this ECO model.

GP- General Purpose

23- 2,300 (2,310) horsepower

ECO- Part of EMD's ECO rebuild line

BRC 232 conductor side broadside Chris Guss photo

Side of BRC GP23ECO #232 at Clearing Yard. Photo by Chris Guss.

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