DRGW 3156 filtered

One of DRGW's three GP60's. All three now reside on UP's roster.

The GP60 is a 3,800 horsepower EMD locomotive built between 1988 and 1993. This locomotive was the last type of B-B locomotive to be produced by EMD. The GP60 was the first 4-axle EMD locomotive to enter the "third generation" as the units sport sophisticated microprocessors. The GP60's prime mover was the 12-710G3A. The SD70MAC is often credited for ending the production of B-B locomotives by EMD, as the radial trucks on a SD70 could navagate tighter curves that previous 6-axle locomotives could not round.  

The SD60 outsold the GP60 nearly 3 to 1; however, the GP60 still boasted a good production total.  

294 standard GP60's, 63 GP60M's and 23 GP60B's.  

Santa Fe deviated from the norm ordering safety cab GP60's as well as cabless GP60's, GP60B's. Many GP60's today are relagated to yard and local work. BNSF, CSX, NS and UP still roster GP60's.