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The SD30C-ECO is another variant in EMD's ever-growing ECO repower catalog

A canadian pacific GP30C (thanks Brian)


The program launched by EMD in 2008. The EMD ECO program has since branched out to other models. The core unit received a rail up rebuild, the old 645 prime mover is removed and a new 12–710G3A (T0+) prime mover is implanted, the units also have new microprocessors, new cabs and carbodies, also new parts (alternator) are installed. This yields a 15-20+% reduction in fuel usage and brings to locomotive up EPA Tier 0+ standards. These units achieve 3,000 hp. These are the second units in EMD's ECO program not to be built to Tier 2 standards. As a cost saving measure CP had the units built to the much more relaxed standards. CP used SD40-2 cores for the 20 unit order. The units started arriving in April 2013. The units have cabs that meet current crashworthiness standards. Some of CP's unique SD40-2F fleet will be rebuilt as SD30C-ECO's some SD40-2F' s have been retired and will be sent to Mayfield, KY for rebuild this year. These units featured very distinct flared radiators.

As of January 2015, CP placed an order with EMD for 30 more SD30C-ECO's, the first cores have been gutted and sent to Mexico. The first new units will likely emerge in Late Spring.

Decoding this ECO modelEdit

  • SD- Special Duty
  • 3- 3,000 hp
  • 0- Tier 0+ standards
  • C- Meets crashworthiness standards
  • ECO- Rebuilt with 710ECO prime movers

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