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The SD30C-ECO is another variant in EMD's ever-growing ECO repower catalogue. The program launched by EMD in 2008. The EMD ECO program has since branched out to other models. The core unit recived a rail up rebuild, the old 645 prime mover is removed and a new 12–710G3A (T0+) prime mover is implanted, the units also revice new micropreocesssors, new cabs and carbodies, also new parts (alternator) are installed. This yields a 15-20+% reduction in fuel usage and brings to locomotive up EPA Tier 0+ standards. These units acheive 3,000 hp. These are the second units in EMD's ECO program not to be built to Tier 2 standards. As a cost saving measure CP had the units built to the much more relaxed standards. CP used SD40-2 cores for the 20 unit order. The units started ariving in April 2013. More units may be on order, possibly 5+ more in the next months. The units have cabs that meet current crashworthiness standards. Some of CP's unique SD40-2F fleet will be rebuilt as SD30C-ECO's some SD40-2F' s have been retired and will be sent to Mayfield, KY for rebuild this year. These units featured very distinct flaired radiators. 

Decoding this ECO model

SD- Special Duty

3- 3,000 hp

0- Tier 0+ standards

C- Meets crashworthiness standards

ECO- Rebuilt with 710ECO prime movers

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