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The SD32ECO is a model in the EMD 710 ECO Repower program, a program launched by EMD in 2008. The EMD ECO program has since branched out to other models. The core unit received a rail up rebuild.  The old 645 prime mover is removed and a new 12–710G3A–T2 prime mover is implanted. The units also receive new microprocessors and cabs. The car bodies are refurbished and new alternators are installed. This yields a 25+% reduction in fuel usage and brings the locomotive up to Tier 2 standards. These units achieve 3,150 hp. 

BNSF is currently the only owner of SD32ECO's, with three units, all using SD45-2 cores. The units carry numbers 1350-1352. The SD45-2's were rebuilt to SD32ECO's in Jan-March 2013. BNSF is using them in KC right now.

Note: UP's SD59MX's are labeled SD32ECO's by EMD.

Decoding this EMD ECO designation

SD- Special Duty (core unit)

3- 3,150 hp

2- Tier 2 compliant

ECO- repowered w/ 710ECO prime mover