An example of the SD35, this one lettered for the B&O/Chessie System.

The EMD SD35 is a six-axled diesel locomotive.


The EMD SD35's total horsepower is 2,500. It has a 3,000 gallon fuel tank, and is 60 feet 8 1/2 inches. It also shares the EMD SD28's frame.



The EMD SD35 was manufactured by General Motors Electro Motive Division from 1964 to 1966. 360 were built by EMD. The Southern Railway held the title of rostering the most SD35s, as they had 100 of the locomotive type. The SD35 was the first second-generation models EMD released. The locomotive had two variants, high hood or short hood. These railroads had SD35s on their roster: Atlantic Coast Line, Baltimore & Ohio, Central of Georgia, Central RR of New Jersey, Chesapeake & Ohio, Louisville & Nashville, Pennsylvania, Penn Central, Western Maryland, Conrail, Southern Pacific, Norfolk & Western, Southern, Chessie System, CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Montana Rail Link. MRL still operates SD35 locomotives.