The Erie-built series was one of the early cab unit diesels developed after WW2.


History Edit

The Erie-built was the first streamlined, cab equipped dual service diesel locomotive built by Fairbanks Morse. These engines were made to compete the ALCO PA series, and EMD E series. Due to the space limitation at the main Fairbanks shops the engines were built at GE's plant in Erie, Pennsylvania which gave it their name.

The locomotives ten cylinder opposed piston prime mover gave it 2,000 hp which proved ample power for its A1A-A1A wheel set. For the engines overall design, they hired Raymond Loewy to design the car body.

A total of 82 cab units and 29 booster units were produced for American railroads between its production years of 1945- 1949.

Today none survive of the 82 a units and 29 b units. The only known remnant of one is the pilot truck under PA #190 which was from a scrapped b unit.

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