The Fairbanks Morse H-24-66 is a six axle hood unit diesel electric. It was produced between 1953-1957.

Train Master-0

History Edit

In 1953, Fairbanks-Morse (FM) needed a new engine to make up for the failure of their recent engine, the C-Liners. By April of 1953 they had produced a new freight engine capable of 2,400 hp. The H-24-66 or Train Master as it was called was deemed one of the most powerful single diesel engine made. It had a 12 cylinder opposed piston two stroke diesel engine giving it an impressive 112,000 lbs of tractive effort.

Unfortunately many railroads thought that the engine had too much power and were deterred from buying. Other problems that plagued the engine included difficulties with maintaining the opposed piston engine, inadequate electrical systems, and larger consumption of cooling water.

In the following years the Train Master was outshined by more powerful engines such as the ALCO RSD-7 and later the SD24 and U25C.

One year after the last Train Master was built FM left the locomotive business.

One Train Master survives in operational condition while another is a road slug.

Gallery Edit

Train Master

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