Frisco No. 1625 is a type of 2-10-0 Decapod steam locomotive. It was Built in 1918 by the Alco for the Russian Government as a broad gauge (5 foot gauge) engine, but due to the Russian Revolution it was kept in the USA. It was converted to Standard Gauge, and given to the Pennsylvania Railroad, before being purchased by the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. It was originally operated as a mixed traffic engine when it was owned by the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway until the end of the steam on the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway during the 1950's. After it's withdrawal it was sold to Eagle-Picher who used it to haul lead ore to a smelting plant. It continued operating until the mid 1960s.

It was later donated to the Museum of the American Railroad where it was put on static display.

As of today the locomotive is on static display at the Museum of the American Railroad.

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