Another Dash 9 rebuild program, this time between BNSF and GE, is aiming to create A-1-A AC-traction units. BNSF 616, a former ATSF C44-9W was shipped off to the GE shop in San Luis Potosi, Mexico back in early 2014. The unit received extensive rebuilding including an overhauled 7FDL-16 prime mover, AC traction equipment, and new A-1-A trucks.  BNSF's goal is to create A-1-A "AC4400CW's" out of the 600-series of C44-9W's. Units 599-619 round out BNSF's current AC44C4M fleet. There are currently no plans for more at this time.

Note: #666 was renumbered to 599 long before that C44 entered the program. It retains #599 after rebuild.

See unit #600 on its way home:

See the unit back in 2014.

See the 616 in action in this video: