CSX B40-8

A CSX B40-8.

The General Electric B40-8 (Dash 8-40B) is a type of four-axle, 4,000hp diesel locomotive built from 1989 to 1994. It is practically the four-axled version of the Dash 8-40C (or simply C40-8). It uses a 7FDL16 prime mover

Many still exist, but some are stored.


The B40-8 was the last major production model of four-axle diesel locomotive produced by GE. The very last 4-axle GE locomotive was ATSF #582, a B40-8W.

Although originally intended for high-speed freight service, it was gradually bumped from that service to lower-priority freight, as train weights increased and 6-axle locomotives began to be utilized in high-speed service. 

Its 6-axle counter-part, the C40-8, surpassed the B40-8 in rapid sales, production, and popularity.


The GE Genesis Series was originally considered to be part of the GE Dash 8 Series, as well as being a modified B40-8 because of how similar their components and controls are. Yet, the GE Genesis Series (obviously) developed into its own independent or individual series or locomotive line.

Early B39-8

One of the only three experimental B32-8's built.

CSX, Union Pacific, Cotton Belt (including the Southern Pacific), Conrail, ATSF and the NYSW were the original railroad customers to purchase the B40-8.

BNSF is starting to sell it's B40-8W fleet, 20 units have been sold so far. Units oporate on the P&W,NERR,GWRS, and AOK.

CSX's current B40-8 fleet also consists of former NYSW B40-8's, which have since made CSX's B40-8 fleet larger than what it originally was before the purchase of Conrail. (With CSX only having about 15 of these units originally.)

Conrail's first fleet of B40-8 units had special banners applied to the front hoods to promote their high-speed intermodal service.

CSX recently downgraded several of their B40-8 units into "B20-8" (2000 hp) units as a result of maintenence costs and warranty issues.

In mid 2017, CSX retired all the B40-8 units and was sold to Pan Am Railways and other railroads.



CSX B40-8 Startup

CSX B40-8 Startup