Dash 7 Units

Two BQ23-7 units meeting their fate next to a BNSF C30-7.

The General Electric BQ23-7 was a type of four-axle 2,250hp diesel locomotive specially built for the Seaboard Coast Line railroad (later CSX) in the 1980s.

Only 10 were built, and were all scrapped due to the project being a failure.


SBD was experimenting on designs to house full crew on cabooseless trains, this resulted in the BQ23-7, the Q standing for Quarters. When in their tenure at CSX, they were operated as trailing units only. The Units were scrapped in 2001, none were preserved.


  • GE originally planned on modifying more of their Dash 7 units with having a "quarters" cab equipped, yet the success of the C40-8W and preceding models replaced the need for doing so.
  • These units ran on traded in EMD Blomberg trucks.
  • Because of how large most train crews were up until the 1980s in the US, BQ23-7s were equipped with 5 seats for crews like a caboose as opposed to having 2 on every other diesel locomotive.
  • The BQ23-7 was often nicknamed the "ugly duckling" by most railfans and railroad employees.
  • Several remaining BQ23-7 units (as seen in the image) were the only Family Lines/Seaboard System-painted units on CSX's roster before retirement.

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