474px-GE C30-7

A Conrail C30-7. Photo by the U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service, Historical American Engineering Record.

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The C30-7 is a 6-axle locomotive manufactured by GE. This unit was introduced amidst a coal boom, 1,137 units were built. The C30-7 was produced from 1976 to 1986. The locomotive used a 7FD16 prime mover generating 3,000 horsepower. 

The C30-7 does have a variant, the C30-7A, in which a 7FD12 prime mover is turbocharged and rated for 3,000 hp. CR was the only buyer.

Who bought what?Edit

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84-0930-3 CR 6601 Allentown PA.thumbnail
ATSF C30-7
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ATSF (QTY:157) #'s 8010-8166.
  • BN (QTY:242) #'s 5000-5141, 5500-5599.
  • CR (QTY:60, including C30-7A) #'s6550-6609. (6550-6599 were C30-7A's)
  • Ferrocarril del Pacifico (QTY: 26) #'s 434-459.
  • L&N - Family Lines System (QTY:44) #'s 7000-7015, 7032-7051,7062-7069.
  • FNM (QTY:305) #'s 6700-6799, 9600-9656,11001-11148.
  • N&W (QTY:80) #'s 8003-8082.
  • SCL (QTY:51) #'s 7016-7031, 7052-7061, 7070-7094
  • UP (QTY:140) #'s 2415-2539, 2960-2974. 
    GE C30-7Tapa estonia

    C30-7 approaching Tapa train station in Tapa, Estonia.

Many units have migrated to South America, units operate on ALL, and MRS, just to name two.