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The Great Northern Railway (GNR) No. 1 Class Stirling Single, is a 4-2-2 type of steam locomotive designed for express passenger work.
GNR No. 1

The only surviving Stirling Single steam locomotive.

Designed by Patrick Stirling, they are characterized by a single pair of large driving wheels which led to the nickname "eight-footer". Originally, the locomotive was designed to carry up to 26 passenger carriages at an average speed of 47 miles per hour.

Only one is left in existence and resides at the National Railway Museum in York, England. Until very recently in late 2014 the Single Stirling locomotive did not have its historically accurate tender. The locomotive used a much lower tender that exposed the cab hugely at the backhead of the locomotive, this restricted the Single Stirling to a much lower coal and water consumption than it had previously on its working like on the GNR. The historically inaccurate tender (as seen above) is a similar basis or design to the Claude Hamilton D15 class tender, which was called the "water cart" among the LNER. In late 2014 as mentioned earlier, at NRM's Shildon museum No.1 was fitted back with a newly restored tender that was historically accurate to No.1's heydeys on the GNR including the increased height that reached further up the cab's backhead, the tender was renovated by the "Stirling Tender Project".

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