Gainesville Midland No. 209 is a Baldwin Decapod class locomotive. It was originally owned by the Seaboard Air Line, but was transferred to the Gainesville Midland where it worked until withdrawal in 1959.

Gainesville midland 209 by cnw8646

History Edit

No. 209 was built by Baldwin for the Seaboard Air Line in 1917 were it was numbered 533. It served the railroad until it was eventually transferred to the Gainesville Midland Railroad. The engine was renumbered 209 and is believed to be the one of the two engines that pulled the last steam powered train on the Athens-Gainesville line in 1959.

Once the engine stopped in Gainesville, its fire was dropped and the engine along with a baggage car and caboose were placed on a side track and decommissioned

In 1991 the train was moved from its original display to several different locations before landing a new display area on West Academy street. Before its final move the engine had been several vandalized and neglected but was lovingly restored by the city.

Trivia Edit

  • This engine was believed to be one of the last engines ordered by the Russian Czar.