Gc 1925 01
Graham County Railroad No. 1925 is a three-truck Shay locomotive that was built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1925 for the Graham Country Railroad. The railroad was known for numbering their locomotives the year they were built.

This locomotive was design to to work at the Graham Country to haul logs out of the Snowbird Mountains to the Bemis Lumber Company mill in Robbinsville, NC.

When the logging portion was closed in 1948 the railroad continued to carry general freight between Robbinsville and Topton, NC, where an interchange was made with the Southern Railway.

In 1970, the railroad went bankrupt and shut down and the smokestacks of both 1925 and 1926 where silienced.

In 1974, a tourist operation, the Bear Creek Scenic Railroad, tried to re-open the line to Robbinsville, but also ceased operation within a few years due to a flood washing out a bridge.

The locomotive was donated to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in 1988, and restored to operation in 1998 to pull on-site train rides.

Today this locomotive is on static display while it's currently awaiting a mechanical overhaul and it is not in service.


  • The 1925 is considered as the fastest shay locomotive ever recorded after posting a top speed of 18 miles per hour at the 1999 Railfest in Sacramento, CA.
  • This is one of 2 surviving Shays from the Graham County Railroad.
  • Graham County Railroad No. 1925 is currently waiting for a mechanical overhaul.
  • The only other Shay from the Graham County Railroad that still survives today is #1926.
  • The locomotive ran at the museum since 1997–2005, and was sidelined when the engine needed more boiler work.
  • Since then it has been stored in the roundhouse as a static exhibit, and the universal joints have been removed.
  • In December 2005 the locomotive was used to operate the polar express event at the NCTM.
  • It has also hauled passenger excursions and freight photo charters on the Great Smoky Mountains Railway (GSMR) out if Bryson City, NC in September of 2003.
  • In 1970, Engine No. 1925 was the penultimate steam locomotive in service in the United States. so Charles Kuralt covered the locomotive's last run on his television series “On the Road”.