Steam engine No 4070
Grand Trunk Western No. 4070 is a 2-8-2 'Mikado' steam locomotive it was built in 1918 by Alco for the Grand Trunk Western Railroad as No. 3734.

The locomotive was design to haul passenger and freight trains for the Grand Trunk Western railroad.

It was later renumbered as No. 4070.

The locomotive was retired from the Grand Trunk Western railroad in 1960.

The locomotive used to haul a passenger train from Chicago, IL to South Bend, IN in 1968.

It used to haul a passenger train while it was Double-Heading with Reading Railroad No. 2102 in 1977.

The locomotive was donated to the Midwest Railway Historical Foundation in the 1970s where it haul passenger trains and sometimes freight trains.

Today it's still at the Midwest Railway Historical Foundation but it's right now under restoration for oparation.


The locomotive only feature in two films such as "I Love Toy Trains" (during a "Real Trains" segment), and "The Natural"(1984).

The locomotive made a last run at the railway historical foundation in 1995.

In 2011 it was full of Christmas decoration and it had the "Toys" logo was on display on the tender.

In 1984 the tender was reletter to Burlington Route from the CB&Q railroad.  

This locomotive was one of the last steam locomotive to used in commercial service.

In 1982 it haul a passenger train on the Cuyhoga Valley Line Railroad while it's wearing a one-time sign "The American Flyer"

The locomotive once used to operate at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

The engine once crash into a turntable at a roundhouse on June 9, 1955.

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