Hammond Lumber Co. No. 17 is a 2-8-2ST built by Alco in 1929 as #11 for the Crossett Western Company in Wauna, OR.

The year when #11 was delivered, much of the Crossett timber lands suffered a series of major fires known as the Tillamook Burn, and #11 worked through the 1930s and early 1940s hauling out timber salvaged from the burn.

In 1942 it was sold to the Hammond Lumber Company in Samoa, CA, and renumbered #17.

Three years later, fire destroyed a series of trestles while the locomotive was at a logging camp known as "The Gap".

In 1965, a local mill owner named Gus Peterson bought #17 from Georgia-Pacific.

On 27th September 1966, #17 made its debut on Peterson’s Klamath & Hoppow Valley Railroad.

During the 1980s, the engine sat outside the shops whilst restoration progressed on other locomotives.

The locomotive is now at Mt. Rainier Scenic RR.


  • In 1980, #17 was sold with Pickering Lumber #10 and #11 to Tom Murray Jr., who had #17 disassembled and shipped by truck to Tacoma, WA, and then sent to the shops of the MRSR in Mineral, WA.
  • Work finally started on #17 in 1994 and then, in January the following year, it was fired up and joined the other locomotives operating on the MRSR.
  • He built a road into the old campsite, dismantled the engine, trucked it out piece by piece and then started work restoring it to operation.
  • It was decided the cost of rebuilding the trestles was too great, and #17 sat at the camp unused for twenty years.
  • The locomotive was restored in 1996.
  • #17 has been featured on Pentrex's "Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad", Golden Rail Video "The Rock Trains", Great Scenic Railway Journey's "The West" and "Celebrating North America's Steam Railroads".
  • #17 has used a number of whistles in the past. In 2000, #17 used a Boiler Tube 6 chime whistle and a Casey Jones whistle. #17 went down for her 1,472 rebuild in 2011. Since #17's 1,472 rebuild was completed in 2013, it now uses MRSR 2-8-2 #5's old excursion whistle, an Ashton 6 inch 3 chime.
  • It once used to borrow the tender from engine No. 5.


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