MRSR 10 at Elbe Depot
Hillcrest Lumber Co. No. 10 is a Climax - 3 truck built in 1928 by the Climax Manufacturing Co for the Hillcrest Lumber Co.

The locomotive was used to haul log trains on the Hillcrest Lumber Co.

This was the second to last Climax built, it was delivered as #3 in May that year to the company’s operations at Mesachie Lake on Vancouver Island, BC.

Then At some point, it was renumbered #10.

In 1979, the locomotive was bought by the MRSR, restored and became the first steam engine to operate for the railroad.

As of today it's operational on the MRSR.


In 1968, when the Mesachie Lake mill shut down, #10 was the last Climax in regular operation in the world.

That year, it was sold to a collector who planned to use it on the Victoria Pacific tourist railroad in Victoria, BC, but the operation never got started.

In the fall of 1996, #10 and Mikado #5 helped rebuild a bridge pulling rock trains and were featured on "The Rock Trains" from Golden Rail Video.

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