500px-JR logo JRgroup

The "JR" logo which is common throughout the whole group.

JR Areas

JR's areas and color codes.

The Japan Railways Group (or JR Group) is a corporation made up of seven railway companies which operate in Japan. The group was started on the 1st of April 1987, when they took over the assets of the government owned Japanese National Railways. They are famous for operaing the Shinkansen trainsets.

Main Network AreasEdit

  • JR Central controls the Tokyo area.
  • JR West controls the west side of Honshu.
  • JR East controls the east and north of Honshu.
  • JR Hokkaido controls the island of its name.
  • JR Kyushu controls the Kyushu island.
  • JR Shikoku controls the island of Shikoku.
  • JR Freight controls freight movements across Japan.


Currently, only JR Central, JR West, JR East, and JR Kyushu operate Shinkansen lines. JR Hokkaido plans to begin construction of a line in 2015.


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