The Leslie "Supertyfon" S5T is a type of airhorn or trainhorn commonly found and
Leslie S5T

A Leslie S5T without reversed bells. (Pure version.)

used on diesel locomotives. The horn was produced by Leslie Engineering, and was produced from the 1950's to the 1990's. Many U.S Class 1 railroads used the Leslie S5T horn, and like the Nathan K5LA, it caused many sound problems involving people in near-by homes.


The Leslie S5T was once a commonly used horn on U.S Class 1 railroads, but it has become very rare.

Like the Nathan K5LA, there are many different variants in which the "bells" on the horn set are arranged. Such as: the S5TRRO, RS5T, and S5D.

Several Australian railroads have actually used the S5T on some of their locomotives.

Very few small Canadian Shortlines (Class 2 and 3 railroads) have used the S5T on some of their locomotives as well.

When the S5T was first introduced in 1953, the earliest S5T's sounded similar to a Nathan M5.

ReferencesEdit YouTube Video sound example History examples (Early S5T)

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