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The Leslie "Supertyfon" S5T is a type of airhorn or trainhorn commonly found and
Leslie S5T

A Leslie S5T without reversed bells. (Pure version.)

used on diesel locomotives. The horn was produced by Leslie Engineering, and was produced from the 1950's to the 1990's. Many U.S Class 1 railroads used the Leslie S5T horn, and like the Nathan K5LA, it caused many sound problems involving people in near-by homes.


The Leslie S5T was once a commonly used horn on U.S Class 1 railroads, but it has become very rare.

Like the Nathan K5LA, there are many different variants in which the "bells" on the horn set are arranged. Such as: S-5T-RRO, S-5T-RF, S-5T-RO, etc.

Several Australian railroads have actually used the S5T on some of their locomotives.

Very few small Canadian Shortlines (Class 2 and 3 railroads) have used the S5T on some of their locomotives as well.

Some Early S5T’s were fitted with 277 bells instead of 25 bells, Making them sound similar to The S5D.

Before the S5T’s introduction in 1952, there were the rare Leslie S-5A and S-5D. The S-5D sounded similar to a Nathan M5. And the S5A played a B Major 7th Chord.

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