Meadow River Lumber No. 6 is a Heisler - 3 truck it was built by the Heisler Locomotive Works in Erie, PA, in 1929 as #20 for the Bostonia Coal & Clay Products Company in New Bethlehem, PA.

In 1939, it was sold to the Meadow River Lumber Company at Rainelle, WV, where it was renumbered #6.

No. 6 was retired in 1967 and it was bought for $20,000 and ran under its own steam at Cass Scenic Railroad.

As of today it's Operational at Cass Scenic Railroad.


When it operates at Cass Scenic Railroad it was lettered "Cass Scenic Railroad"

No. 6 was bought in 1967 for $20,000 and ran under its own steam to Cass.

It has operated successfully on the Whittaker Station Train since May 1968, and has been used on a number of off-line trips because of its greater speed.