Meadow River Lumber No. 6 is a Heisler - 3 truck it was built by the Heisler Locomotive Works in Erie, PA, in 1929 as #20 for the Bostonia Coal & Clay Products Company in New Bethlehem, PA.

In 1939, it was sold to the Meadow River Lumber Company at Rainelle, WV, where it was renumbered #6.

No. 6 was retired in 1967 and it was bought for $20,000 and ran under its own steam at Cass Scenic Railroad.

As of today it's Operational at Cass Scenic Railroad.


  • When it operates at Cass Scenic Railroad it was lettered "Cass Scenic Railroad"
  • No. 6 was bought in 1967 for $20,000 and ran under its own steam to Cass.
  • It has operated successfully on the Whittaker Station Train since May 1968, and has been used on a number of off-line trips because of its greater speed.