an example of a Metrolink F59PH diesel locomotive

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Not to be confused with Metrolinx, the Government of Ontario agency operating GO Transit.

Metrolink (Southern California Regional Rail Authority, SCRRA) is a commuter train operator in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego counties, California. Metrolink began operations on October 26, 1992.

Average weekly ridership is 42,265 as of 2012.


In the 1990s, in an effort to relieve congestion in and around the Los Angeles area, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), the group who founded Metrolink, purchased track from the Southern Pacific, and gained the rights to use the Los Angeles Union Station, as part of a plan to introduce commuter rail to the area.

Initially, service was based on 3 lines, but quickly grew to 7.


Like most passenger railways, and unlike GO Transit (who operate on a Proof-Of-Payment system with only 3 crew members per train), Metrolink operates using the traditional multi-crew formation, with one conductor per car.


Metrolink's railcar and locomotive fleet are largely based on GO Transit-designed F59PH locomotives and Bombardier BiLevel cars.

Metrolink also owns 1 F40PH, 14 F59PHIs, 5 F59PHR's (a MPI rebuilt F59PH), and 15 MPI MP36PH-3Cs. On order are 40 EMD F125s. Metrolink is also leasing 2 ex-GO transit F59PH's and 1 ex-MiTrain F59PH owned by RBRX while PTC was being installed on current locomotives. In addition they also leased 40 BNSF AC4400CW's in replacement of the Hyundai-Rotem cabcars which were under investigation from the 2015 Oxnard train derailment. As of current, all Hyundai Rotem cabcars are back in service and the 40 leased AC4400CW's were returned to BNSF.

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